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Perms. Hairspray. Neon. Spandex. Jean jackets. Scrunchies. Harem pants. Ripped jeans. Frosted tips. The ‘80s and ‘90s were a time of self-expression, of self-discovery. They were a time to squeeze ourselves into tiny workout clothes and bop to the beat of Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons. They were…a time of interior design inspiration?

That’s right folks. The ‘80s and ‘90s are making a comeback, in a major design way. Still got your old Ralph Lauren blue and white throw pillows, your brass lamps, and your extensive record collection? Bring ‘em on out, because everything old is new again.

Brass & Metal Accents

If you’ve been to Target lately, you may have noticed that brass is back. This time, though, instead of the shiny, freshly polished brass of the ‘80s, brass and metal have a little grunge to them. Burnished brass and metal accents are a great way to reuse those lamps you inherited from your mom that have been sitting in your attic. Dust them off, but don’t break out the polish. The grungier, the better!

Geometric Patterns

Remember DJ & Stephanie Tanner’s room from Full House? With all the bright colors and geometric shapes? Yeah, that’s back. This time, though, it’s either rich colors or pastels, bolder patterns or wire thin shapes. Sometimes retailers even go so far to call it “tribal,” even though it’s basically just a geometry problem brought to life. Use these for accents in your living room – from wall hangings to throw pillows.


Somewhere along the way, someone decided “country” was out. Well, it’s back – it’s just called “rustic” now. Pull those baskets out of storage, give your knotted pine cabinets a new coat of stain, and sit down at your farmhouse style dining room table. Mason jars are having a huge resurgence, along with twine, natural fabrics, galvanized metal and sturdy chairs, tables and accessories intentionally designed to look “handmade.”

Blue & White Stripes

Ralph Lauren’s nautical style has pretty much outlasted every other design trend, but the classic stripes are everywhere lately. Nothing says casual, carefree summer feel like a good blue and white stripe. Today’s stripes are a little thicker than those you remember from the ‘80s and ‘90s, and the blue’s a little deeper, but your Mom’s old throw pillows will still give off a preppy, nautical vibe.


If you didn’t save your old vinyl, you’re going to wish you had. Turntables and vintage vinyl are the new must-have for trendy homes. The really classy play their records on their new turntable, complete with wireless access to their in-home sound system, while casually sipping a brandy next to their burnished brass accessories. Records can be displayed as wall art, thrown into a rustic basket, or simply stacked on a shelf next to your turntable.

Whether you’re embracing the leggings, off-the-shoulder sweatshirts, and big hair or not, these design trends look like they’ll be around a while. We checked with our Magic 8 Ball. “Signs point to yes.”


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