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Moving? How exciting! Or maybe more like, how stressful! You’ve got an endless amount of things to pack, utility companies to manage and a growing list of repairs to make before the next family moves in. Oh yeah, and there’s also the matter of keeping the place spotless and show-worthy for prospective buyers.

There’s no denying it – selling your home can be an overwhelming feat.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, after all the chaos, you and your family could get right into your next home and seamlessly move beyond it all?


Well, you can — and should. You’ve already pulled documents together to get your house sold, right? You don’t want to pack and unpack more than you have to, right?

Before you throw a stressed-out-seller hissy fit, thinking it’ll be more work than it’s worth, here’s why selling AND buying at the same time can actually make things easier.

Picture it. If you buy while you sell, these can happen almost immediately.

  • A hot bath in your new jacuzzi tub.  Complete with candles, of course.
  • Letting the kids get their not-appreciated-while-you-move energy out in the fascinating new backyard. Scram, kids.
  • Freshly baked cookies delivered by your sweet new neighbors (oh please, yes).
  • Sleeping in your own bed, in your own new room – not mom and dad’s tiny guest room, not your friends’ creepy basement and not your former roommate’s smelly pull-out couch.

Got your attention? Good, now here is how we want to make this happen in the most silky-smooth way possible.

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Consider it handled

At Movement, our clear, defined loan process and regular communication from your loan officer means you don’t spend any extra energy worrying about the status of your loan for the next house. You pass off the info we need to get the job done and we strive to handle it. We’ll make sure you stay in the know without taking any attention away from getting your home sold.

We Work at 6-Hour, 7 Day Speed

You provide all the necessary paperwork upfront so we can work toward a quick 6-hour Upfront Underwriting goal and, if you qualify, a full approval after our 7-Day Process.* Faster processing means you can get right to shopping and bidding on your next place — with the confidence of knowing exactly what you’re approved for.

Ready When You Are

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Because we make goals to process quickly, your new home financing can be ready when you’re ready. No weird limbo period between homes, camping out at your parents’ or trying to prevent your buyers from moving in another week while you wait and wait for loan approval on the next house.

If your goal is to have the next house purchased and waiting for you, we’ll make that our goal too.

See? You can buy while you sell, with a little effort upfront and a lot of help from Movement. So why put off a very convenient scenario like moving straight into your new home when it’s not all that difficult.

Go ahead, sell that house — and buy the next one while you’re at it. Your jacuzzi tub is waiting…

*While it is Movement Mortgage’s goal to provide underwriting results within six hours of receiving an application and process loans in seven days, extenuating circumstances may cause delays outside of this window.


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Adam O'Daniel

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