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You just purchased a new home. But wait, your joy is shadowed by silly fights that ensue on moving day. Are you bickering because someone forgot to turn the electricity on? Or tossing unpacked boxes at your significant other over a snack shortage?

Here’s how you can prevent these common moving day fights and actually enjoy the day you get to move into your dream home.

The “I’m hangry” fight.

All of your energy goes into moving and you forget to eat. You’re tired and hungry and it’s affecting your mood, in turn, causing you to fight.

Hangry |n.| A Hulk-like irritability caused by hunger”

Fix it ahead of time by prepping accessible snacks. Snacks like energy bars leave you feeling full longer while you move. Need an easy move-in day meal? Take our quiz to find the perfect meal for the first night in your new home. Don’t feel like cooking? Survey the area beforehand and make a list of take-out places to choose from to make your first meal easy-peasy.

The “Did you pack toilet paper” fight.

You did it! The boxes are all moved in and now it’s time to unpack. First, the bathroom calls your name, but you can’t find the toilet paper in the horde of boxes. Did you pack it? Did your husband leave it behind? Meanwhile, your bladder is screaming at you.

Eliminate the worry altogether. Reserve rolls of toilet paper in their own box and label it for easy access. Your bladder will thank you. While you’re at it, pack an overnight box with other essentials preparing you for your first couple of nights at home. It’s just one of the six ways to survive a move.

The “Stop tracking dirt in the house” fight.

The kids are running around in the new yard and tracking dirt into the house. Do you have a dog? She sheds, doesn’t she? This means your new home has been clean for 0.5 seconds. You want to keep that new house clean.

Keep cleaning supplies close by. Actually, just go ahead and unpack that box first. They’ll come in handy when the hardwood floors are covered with Lassie’s hair.

The “We should’ve started packing before the day of” fight.

There’s so much stuff to pack, but you’d don’t know where to start. It’s an overwhelming feeling causing you to freak out on your partner. They deserve a happy you and you deserve a stress-free moving process.

Start by creating a checklist. Every item on the checklist goes to your new home, purge everything else. Instead of throwing those items away, sell them for extra cash in your pocket toward your new home. Better yet, donate them. Here’s a list of eight ways to lighten your moving day load.

The “Unpacking is taking longer than we thought” fight.

Piles of boxes fill the room and it seems like they continue on forever. Your anticipation to unpack exudes a thick tension between you and your loved one.

Refer back to the six ways to survive a move to learn how to unpack efficiently. Make sure to label the boxes beforehand and unpack them by room. That will reduce time spent unpacking and leave more time spent with family and friends.

Meet a couple who, despite the odds, remembers moving day is about embracing homeownership.


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