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IRVINE, CALIFORNIA — Movement Mortgage, a national top 10 retail mortgage lender, has named Quy Huynh its newest market leader in Irvine, California.

Quy joined Movement in spring 2015 as a loan officer and sales manager. In his new role, he’ll lead a team of loan officers in customer service, production, recruiting and community engagement.

Quy brings 20 years of mortgage experience, hard work, and a passion to help people do the job. He is a top producer who has topped $124 million in annual production. He has also received numerous awards for production and volume.

“I know what loan officers go through and I know how to help them achieve success,” he says.

Hard work and perseverance began at an early age for Quy, a Vietnamese immigrant who arrived in America in 1981. “I spent five days on the Pacific Ocean in the bottom of a fishing boat,” says Quy. “I was 7 years old.”  

Quy adds, “I joined Movement because of our humbleness and culture as a company.” Now he is looking forward to bringing value and service to his loan officers, real estate partners and the community.


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