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BOSTON — Movement Mortgage, a national top 10 retail mortgage lender, has presented the New England Center and Home for Veterans with a donation of $10,490 at their hub in Boston.

Movement New England Regional Director Ian Aubourg revealed the check to an intimate group of NECHV representatives on May 29. The generous donation was raised during the company’s “Casino for a Cause,” event on the evening of the 2018 Movement Mortgage Business Summit.

“Having been raised by a Marine and having a mentor who was in the Army Special Forces, I understand just a fraction of the sacrifice that is made by our service members for our country,” Auborg says. “It is important to me that we support these men and women whenever and wherever we can; especially when they have fallen on hard times. The New England Center and Home for Veterans is doing great work to support our heroes and, in turn, we want to encourage others to support their efforts along with us.”

About Ian Aubourg

“I have studied almost every aspects of our industry, and that effort has granted me a global perspective of our business. But my biggest goal (and personal challenge) is to lead people to find humility and fulfillment. The perspective that is paramount for me is that productivity can and should be bolstered by both personal and professional fulfillment. To seek fulfillment in our work, as we do at home, should be an aspiration for everyone in order to live better, more fulfilled lives. And in so doing, we will succeed both personally and professionally.” – Ian Aubourg

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Founded in 2008, Movement Mortgage exists to love and value people by leading a Movement of Change in its industry, corporate culture and communities. Movement is best known for its innovative mortgage process and referable experience, which begins with Upfront Underwriting and a seven-day loan processing goal. The company employs more than 4,300 people, has more than 750 branches in the U.S. and is licensed in 49 states. Its nonprofit organization, The Movement Foundation, has reinvested more than $30 million in communities to date. For more information, visit

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