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We’ve all dealt with clutter in our lives, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine the best method to keep everything organized. Below are a few storage hacks and ideas to keep your home in tip top shape.

Slide-out to avoid hideouts  

You’re ready to cook dinner, but the pan you need is under 10 others. On top of the struggle to pull it out, the crashing sound is like a lightning bolt hitting your house! An easy way to avoid this issue is to store your pans on a slide out rack. You can purchase the one pictured on Ebay or make it yourself. It’s a great way to organize your cookware!

Loving that shelf life

When it comes to storage in your kitchen, every inch matters – that’s why a simple shelf above a window can be a great way to store plates and other dishware, while also creating a nice display.

Old furniture, new storage

We mentioned this in our last article, “Rekindle the love for your home,” but an antique ladder is a great way to store blankets while keeping a chic look to your home.  

Use magnets to your advantage

This refrigerator magnet can help you keep your tools in order and store them out of sight.

You can also use a magnetic strip for bobby pins and tweezers. Instead of searching all over your house for these small items, you can keep them in a convenient spot while saving space. If you have a medicine cabinet, you can add the strips to the top, bottom or middle!

What’s behind the curtain?  

So you need more closet space, or maybe you just need a closet, but don’t want your clothes on full display. If that’s the case, fake it! All you have to do is install drapes. Depending on the structure of the room, there are different ways to hang them. For example, Ikea sells a curtain wire that you can mount on your ceiling. From there, you can easily hang curtains that will seal off a portion of the wall for your clothes to have some privacy.

Ordinary objects for extraordinary storage

Sometimes, the same mundane objects you see every day can be very useful when viewed through a more creative lens! A paper towel holder is a perfect example. While this works great in your kitchen, it can operate for different uses, such as a belt holder.

We are in a world where technology is more and more important, which means we often use multiple devices at a time. With a multitude of devices comes a mass tangle of chords. This little trick allows you to take clip binders and clip them on your desk to sort the clutter of cords.

Use architecture to your advantage  

This little tip will require a bit of handiwork, but it’s a great way to store all of your books, while adding character to a tiny room! We recommend framing your archway in your space (pictured below).  

Peg that mess  

Pegboards are a great way to stay organized, without making it obvious that you are using them for storage. You can hang pictures, jewelry or even store toys.

Rise above the clutter

This is a simple, yet underestimated tip! Add risers to your bed to elevate it and use the underneath as storage.


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