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In an instant, Qunita Dashiell and her two kids were homeless.

Dashiell still wrings her hands while telling the story, two years after it happened. In the middle of the night, she remembers being pinned up against the stove in her kitchen. She recalls her now ex-husband and mother-in-law in her face, yelling at her to get out and take the kids with her.

She packed what she could into a suitcase, scooped up her two children, and left. Dashiell knew what would happen next if she didn’t find someone to help. “I came to work and told my boss, me and my kids are about to be homeless.”

What happened over the next two years for Qunita and her family is nothing short of inspiring. Through support from The Harvest Center, a home loan through Movement Mortgage and her own sheer determination to build something better, Qunita went from homeless to homeowner.

Listen to her tell her story below.

The Harvest Center is a Charlotte-based nonprofit helping transitionally homeless families get back on their feet. It is supported by dozens of churches, businesses and nonprofits, including the nonprofit Movement Foundation. It is currently in need of housewares for the apartments it provides to families and welcome any and all volunteers to help in its mission.

Movement Mortgage is a national top 10 retail mortgage lender based in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Heather Aucello is the Movement loan officer who helped Qunita find and finance the perfect house for her family. Learn more about Movement or find a Movement Mortgage loan officer near you.


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