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Closing on a home involves several fees, like a recording fee required by the government of your county. We’re here to help you break down details on a mortgage recording fee in this ABCs of Mortgage.


What is a mortgage recording fee?

When you buy a home, you typically want to tell everyone. Well, you’re required to tell the government. With that, comes a price tag called the recording fee. Your county government will record the sale of a home for its records to make sure it’s collecting required items, like property tax. These fees vary by county, and there could be fees based on how many pages the deed is you’re submitting.


Am I required to pay one?

A recording fee is required during the transaction for a mortgage. However, your real estate agent may be able to negotiate that the buyer pay this fee. Talk to them to see if this is possible. 


recording fee

How much is a recording fee?

Investopedia agrees that the fee varies by county. It could be a flat fee, or your county may require a fee plus cost per deed page. Meaning, the fee could be $12 to $100 or more. Ask your loan officer for details about your area. 


Good to know. What now?

It’s time to connect with a local loan officer. If you haven’t started your mortgage process, having a conversation with a loan officer will help answer any questions you may have about a recording fee. Or really, they’ll be able to assist with any item in the mortgage journey. While the purchase of a home involves several required fees, it’s good to know where to go to find helpful information on recording fees.

Connect with a loan officer.



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