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Movement Mortgage, a national top 10 retail mortgage lender, is excited to announce the addition of Rick Elmendorf and his team to its Northern Virginia market.  

Elmendorf brings more than 20 years of mortgage experience to Movement’s rapidly growing team. In 2020, Rick and his team funded more than $340 million in mortgages and served 753 families.  Elmendorf’s decision to join Movement follows the company’s recent announcement to launch Movement Military, a dedicated initiative to expand its services to active duty military families and veterans. 

Since joining Movement in DecemberI have witnessed a truly well-oiled mortgage machine,” says Elmendorf. The systems and operational processes in place are both novel and exceptional. Loans close effortlessly and with a consistency in underwriting that really gives me confidence in the process. In 25 years of doing loans, I have not seen a more fluid way to do a ton of business and support my business partners.  

Systems and operational processes are not the only reason Elmendorf made the transition to Movement. The mission at Movement to love and value people in its industry, corporate culture and communities was also a draw.   

I chose to be at Movement as it is a company with a great vision and purpose. It’s more than just doing mortgages. From the mission statement to how they treat their people and serve communities at home and across the world, their treasures are certainly being invested to yield eternal rewards.”  

Positively impacting the lives of others is a priority for Elmendorf. He grew up in a military household, and since his start in the mortgage industry, has dedicated much of his resources to help thousands of military families and veterans achieve their dreams of homeownership.  

I personally am super-excited about the impact I can make here at Movement. From the new Movement Military, which is a huge passion of mine, to the mentoring program which will allow me to impact the lives of others. Everyone here has a voice, and I’m thankful that my voice is heard and ideas are implemented. 

“It is a unique opportunity to find a quality leader like Rick whose values align so closely with those of Movement Mortgage,” says National Sales Director Ignacio Metcalf. “The addition of Rick and his team will provide a boost for the entire enterprise, not just the states in which he conducts business.  His passion for homebuyers, especially veteran homebuyers is unmatched.  We are excited to fuel his passion with  Movement’s innovative processes, technology and support as he and his team continue to grow.” 

Elmendorf and his team join the Pac-Atlantic region under the leadership of Clay Duncan. 

Rick is a heartfelt leader that runs his business to serve people, says Regional Director Clay Duncan. “He never forgets that there is a person on the other end of the loan. That is what aligns his values so closely to oursHe was looking for a company that could support the level of volume he produces now and could scale that support to enable him to continue to grow at warp speed. Both of those areas – culture and growth – are what we do best here at Movement and why Rick is such a great fit for our team.”   

The mission of The Elmendorf Team is to manage, serve and promote successful home ownership for a lifetime. The mortgage process should not be difficult or intrusive, but rather flow from start to finish with little interruption into the lives of its customers.  

In 2016, Elmendorf was ranked No. 21 on the National Mortgage Top Producers and has made the Top 50 Loan Originators in the Scotsman Guide’s rankings since 2014.He is top 3 VA lender – ranked nationally among The Best Military Lenders and Originators of 2019 (National Mortgage Professional Magazine (NMP). He is a published author and sought-after industry speaker and sales trainer. 

Learn more at loanwithrick.com



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