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Movement Mortgage is now offering EasySign

The convenient, online alternative to manually signing a mountain of documents at the closing table. Buyers can now simply sign many of the documents online prior to scheduled closing, wait to sign the same documents online with an attorney or closer present or opt out of online signing altogether in favor of the traditional
pen-to-paper method.

EasySign is the latest way Movement Mortgage is moving forward for your convenience!

Sign online, on your own time!

  • Read through your closing docs online prior to closing
  • Borrower can e-sign many of the docs before closing
  • Opt-out if you prefer to manually sign at the closing table
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Our mortgage experience is simple and streamlined - the way you want it


Start your application for 
a loan from your phone 
in minutes with our convenient online mortgage application.

6 Hour Upfront 
Underwriting goal*

We’ll immediately send your info 
to an underwriter, and if you qualify, 
you’ll receive a pre-approval to show sellers you’re a serious buyer.

7 Day Processing goal*

Your documents will be processed for final approval and prepared for closing.

1 Day Closing goal*

Rather than an unnecessary wait for closing, we work with the best professionals to make closing happen 
as soon as possible.


Beat the traditional pen-to-paper at closing with convenient online signing of many of your documents.