Toby Harris

Movement’s co-founder and EVP, Toby Harris, is a driving force of one of the company’s most important qualities: heart. Having held top positions in mortgage and real estate before Movement, Toby is familiar with the gap in the industry where people – both customers and employees – are concerned. In 2008, he partnered with CEO Casey Crawford to create Movement to fill that gap.


Toby leads with a passion for servant leadership, excellence in customer service and coaching and encouraging leaders as a certified Maxwell coach. Drawing from his military background, it was Toby who established Movement’s standard-shattering processing goals of 6-hour underwriting and 7-day processing by asking seasoned underwriters how quickly a quality loan can be completed, rather than following the laissez-faire approach of most lending institutions.


In Toby’s view, Movement should set such a high standard that employees of any industry are drawn to the workplace culture and the service level so high that competitors are compelled to improve their own. These are the convictions he puts to work each day from Virginia Beach, VA, the place he and his wife call home.