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Introducing the
all-new M3

Your options

The new M3 is available in two versions, basic and plus. The basic version is similar to the existing M3 platform, while the plus version includes many new benefits for a subsidized monthly subscription.




$25/pay period

Database Integration

Direct connection with PC Lender, for you to be able to mine your database.

Marketing Print and Email Library

Access to Movement’s full print and single email library. (Co-Marketing Available)

Co-Marketing Partners

Add Agent Partners to co-market with and invite to Agent Portal. (Agent Subscription Available)

CRM Function

Office 365 Email Integration, Sales Automation Plans, Auto-Campaign Drips, Property Alerts, and Recurring Tasks.

Lead Capture Apps

Event Registration and Open House registration pages. (Co-Marketing Available)

Website Marketing

Integration with MLS to create property profile websites. (Co-Marketing Available)

Custom Marketing (You Market)

Create your own Action Plans, AutoCampaigns, Emails, Print Marketing, and Direct Mail. (Co-Marketing Available)

M3 Training

Session 1 - M3 Orientation

  • Dashboard walk-through
  • Getting to know the CRM interface
  • Print Media capabilities / On Demand Flyers
  • Setting up Smart Groups and the importance of them
  • Utilizing Auto-Campaigns

Session 2 - M3 Orientation

  • Connecting with Co-Marketers
  • Open House
  • Single Property Websites
  • Co-Marketing Flyers

Check out some of the
game-changing benefits of the new M3.


CRM Access

Seamless integration of customer data and sources allows for true end-to-end management, from lead incubation to post-close marketing.


Lead Aggregation Apps

Take advantage of your seminars and lunch and learns by easily assembling your leads into your CRM.


MLS Integration

Provide more value to your real estate by developing listing web pages.


Custom Marketing

Take brand aesthetics and templates and modify them to your content. Send them to print. Receive them on your door step.

Take advantage of the M3 experience

Please allow our support team 48 hours to process your subscription cancellation. You will have access to M3 Plus through the end of the current pay period.