M3 Billing Policy




Every Loan Officer is given access to M3. M3 is a limited version of M3 Plus. M3 Plus is offered at a subsidized cost of $25 a pay period for every Loan Officer who opts into the platform. The $25 is deducted from the Loan Officers pay check every pay period. If a Loan Officer would like to opt out of their subscription they must choose the opt out at www.go.movement.com/totalexpert/#unsubscribe. This will lead to a series of steps to confirm the opt out.


  1. Loan Officer On Boarding à During the Movement Marketing On Boarding procedure, Loan Officer profiles are built into the M3 platform via PC Lender. Once a new profile has been created, the M3 platform will automatically create the Loan Officer as a contact in the marketing@movement profile of M3 with the status M3 Plus Drip.
  2. Option to convert from M3 to M3 Plus à The M3 Plus Drip status will trigger a 4-week drip campaign soliciting the Loan Officer to sign up M3 Plus. This targeted campaign will provide a high level overview of the platform and it’s features, with a call to action to sign up.
  3. Subscription Request à If a Loan Officer chooses to sign up for M3 Plus they’ll need signup via go.movement.com/totalexpert. At the bottom of the page a link to subscribe will be available. Movement Marketing requires a three step validation process to sign up. A Loan Officer will be prompted to provide their unique EEID, email address, first name and last night. The Loan Officer will also be required to choose that they’ve read and understand the billing term and conditions. Once the Loan Officer has signed up, an email validation will be sent to their inbox.
  4. Training Services à Pre-licensed sponsorship training will be available to new LO’s. This will be led by Movement’s Marketing Support Team.
  5. License Approved à Once the Loan Officers license has been approved, they’ll be given full access to M3 Plus.
  6. New Subscription Notifications à Once a Loan Officer signs up for the M3 Plus Platform a series of notification are delivered.
    1. LO Email Validation – As soon as the Loan Officer choose the VALIDATION link, Marketing’s Subscription Management System will trigger various other notifications to internal Movement departments. The content of this email will set the expectation of when the Loan Officer can expect their account to be live and will reiterate the TE Billing Policy.
    2. M3 Support Notification – After the LO Validation, an email will be sent to the M3 Support team with the new M3 Plus Subscription.
    3. LO Account Activation Notification – After making the LO’s account active, an M3 Support Administrator will notify the LO with a Welcome Email that the LO’s account has been made active and provide training resources.
    4. Payroll Notification – On the 1st and 15th of each month a report of all active subscriptions is exported and sent automatically to Movement’s payroll department.
  7. Subscription Term à All Loan Officers who choose to subscribe to M3 Plus must accept the M3 Plus Billing Policy.
    1. Deductions from pay will be made on the 1st and 15th.
    2. Opt Outs must happen before the next term begins.
    3. Subscriptions beginning mid-term will be prorated.
  8. Opt Out Procedure à Loan Officers have the option to opt out at any point of their subscription to M3 Plus. If a subscription is terminated mid-term, activation will remain until the term has ended.
    1. To Opt Out of M3 Plus, Loan Officers should choose the quick links tab at the bottom of their M3 screen. This will then take them to the go.movement.com/totalexpert/#unsubscribe. This page will ask that they provide their email. Upon submitting an email address, a validation email will be sent to the Loan Officer’s inbox. Here they will be prompts to navigate to the unsubscribe page to revoke their account.